For several years, LEIPA UK is using water cooler and bottles of water from AquAid. So we indirectly save the lives of many children in Africa. With every water cooler and water bottle of AquAid we donate to The Africa Trust.
These funds are used to build fresh drinking water wells in Africa where it is needed the most, like in schools and villages.
They will install additional Elephant Pumps in Africa. The Elephant Pump is a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system. The pump is built by the people in the area, who are then taught how it works and how to repair it using local materials and parts.
AquAid, along with their sister company Perfect Printer Cartridges (www.perfectprintercartridges.co.uk/) have to date donated over 6 Million Pounds to Charity.

The Business Unit FlexPack has introduced a hygiene management and is now certified to the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. Since the packages come directly into contact with the material, strict requirements must be met regarding the hygiene management. Through certification, we have shown that our production processes meet the increased expectations of our customers in terms of hygiene.


LEIPA has developed together with ExxonMobil a high performance paper machine oil for the lubrication of components of the wet end. This oil is a world first, and LEIPA takes the lead in the paper industry. In 2008 LEIPA asked the ExxonMobil for a new lubricating oil for the lubrication of the wet section o­n PM 4.This was due to repeated clogging of the filter and the formation of deposits in the tank and in bearing housings. Under laboratory conditions, a new paper machine oil was produced. However, even extensive laboratory tests are not able to replicate the actual field conditions and the ever-increasing demands o­n today's lubricants always be appropriate. Supervised field tests are therefore regarded as essential and integral part of the product development process at ExxonMobil. LEIPA declared himself ready for the first field test, an oil change to Mobil DTE PM Excel 150 was carried out in 2010. After the test phase it was detected by opening the gear cover that the tooth flanks had even smoothed. The transmission temperature dropped to about 10 °C, which was caused by less friction. Due to the lower friction, the energy consumption decreased by almost 3 %. This was done at the same conditions (speed, paper weight, etc.) Due to the lower friction, the lifetime of the aggregates increase significantly. By lowering the oil temperature of 10 °C, the life of the oil doubled. Finally, the filter life has increased from two to nine months and the cleanliness levels have improved significantly while remaining filter elements. Cleanliness classes of 14/11/9 and 13/10/7 are now standard. These values are three classes better than the existing oil. Using these values we obtained a double life for all aggregates. Summary: The switch to Mobil DTE PM Excel 150 was a great success, with sustainable cost reduction!

In the end of June 2013, the two family owend companies together, the Austrian Merckens Handels GmbH, Vienna and LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH, Germany made the decision to set up a new sales company. LEIPA AUSTRIA & CEE GmbH opened its office in Austria, based in Vienna, on the 1st August 2013. This sales office will represent LEIPA in the following markets: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and all other important Southeast European countries.  With the gradual integration of all products of the LEIPA Group (magazine paper, liner, board, special paper, flexible packaging) the awareness of LEIPA will be further increased. Together with the two Managing Directors, Ferdinand E. Auersperg and Derik Venn, an experienced team with detailed knowledge of the market will be based on site. LEIPA already has sales offices in Poland, France and the UK. In all these growing areas – LEIPA will continue to adapt to the ongoing demands and developments in these countries!

Please note our new General Conditions of Sales and supplemental for the FlexPack from 01.02.2014! These you will find at www.leipa.de/gcb.